Lamililux Glass and Film is a glass product with a laminated process from two glass materials with EVA interlayer material in the middle. Because of lamination process, we can get more various pattern and also can be customized as needed, by adding interlayer material such as patterned fabric or paper on it, thats why this product commonly known as fabric glass.


Lamilux product has 9 standard types, but it still can be readjust. The lamination process allows you to choose the interlayer, and you can also combine 2 different types of glass such as clear glass and textured glass.


This products mostly used as a glass partition, glass walls, glass panels, glass doors, furniture materials, and other decorative element on interior.

Features :

  • Various pattern
  • Can adjust the motif customly
  • Safety if broken, the broken glass will be handled by the interlayer material.
  • The glass have modern looks, and luxurious