spesifikasi cermin Ultramirror

UltraMirror is Guardian most beautifully reflective and durable product, providing unparalled protection against corrosion, chemicals, moisture, and abrasion while adding beauty and elegance to any setting.



UltraMirror is highly reflective and offers a true image reflectance with virtually no distortion. It is durable and long lasting.


Environmentally Friendly

UltraMirror respects the environtment with copper free mirror.



Guardian UltraMirror is more protected than conventional mirror, up to three times according to ISO 3770.



UltraMirror can be used in environments up to 60OC.


Moisture resistant

UltraMirror can be used in environtments where moisture is present but cannot be immersed in water.


Thickness and Sizes

Available in 5mm with standart size 3210mm x 2134mm & 2438mm x 3658mm.



UltraMirror can be used for doors,  store display cases, wall mirror, decorative panel and furnitures.


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