kaca kristal

Crystal Clear Glass is an ultra-clear low-iron glass product, which is specifically designed for a wide variety of applications of exterior and interior, where high visible light transmission, a brilliant clean-looking edge, and minimal color distortion are desired.


Its jewel-like clarity is achieved by removing as much iron content as possible during its manufacture, so that green tint (or green visual effect) that is usually associated with ordinary clear float glass is removed. Thus resulting to a very high clarity for maximum visual performance.


Applications :
Crystal Clear Glass is typically used for building entrance, doors, shop-fronts, store display cases, furnitures, interiors, or other applications where true color and visual accuracy is paramount. It is also optimizes solar gain in solar panels.


To add more architectural features, it can be curved to achieve elegant design effect. The glass can be tempered or laminated to improve the safety feature and security performance. A double-glazed unit of the glass may provide a series function of solar control, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation.

Features :

  • Very high clarity for maximum visual performance
  • Minimal color distortion